Top Essentials for a Long Flight

Top Essentials for a Long Flight

I have had the opportunity to take quite a few long flights. I have put together a list of items I like to have when I am going to spend a lot of time on a plane. Today, I am sharing them with you.

Top Essentials for a Long Flight


Water IllustrationFor me, this is the most important one. When you are on a plane for a long time you get dehydrated. I know that you can get water on the plane by asking the fight attendants, but you only get a tiny plastic glass. Sure, you could ask them to refill it as many times as you want, but you keep getting up to ask for water. I did that once and I will never do it again. I always make sure I purchase a bottle of water after going through security (if you buy it beforehand they won’t let you take it with you). It is a bit pricey to buy water at the airport, but it is worth it.


chapstick IllustrationYou will notice that most of my essentials relate to staying hydrated in one way or another. I always reach for chapstick when I am on a plane. It’s nice to hydrate my lips and help fight the dryness of the air in the plane.


Moisturizer IllustrationSome people carry hand moisturizers, I like to carry a face one. I am careful to pick either a sample size or I make sure that the tube is under 100ml (limit allowed on a carry on).

Neck Pillow

Neck pillow illustrationI know that to some people this might seem superfluous, but trust me when I say you’ll need this if you’re spending long hours on a plane. I always try to sleep when I am on a long flight; it makes time go by faster. This makes a huge difference in how easy and comfortable it is to sleep in your seat. You have many kinds of neck pillows: inflatable, foam, etc. My favorite one so far is one that I bought at the airport in Paris that has tiny beads in it.

An Extra Sweater and/or Scarf

Sweater and scarf illustrationI have never been on a long flight where I didn’t get cold. Therefore I have gotten used to carrying at least one extra layer in my bag. I usually go for a fleece (it’s warm and doesn’t take as much space as a wool sweater). You can also get one of those big wide scarves that could double as a blanket (I think they are called “blanket” scarves).

Some Kind of Entertainment

Book and Ipod drawingI always make sure that I have something to keep me occupied on the plane in case there are no good movies or the screens don’t work. I usually carry my Kindle, and I also have games, music and podcasts on my phone and movies on my computer. Sometimes I go as far as to bring my Nintendo 3DS. The more things you have to do, the faster you’ll get to your destination.


There a few other things that you can bring, but they are not as essential to me. Some people like to bring a change of clothes in case their luggage gets lost (especially if your flight is not direct). You can always have a small emergency kit with eyedrops, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, etc. Sometimes I also like to buy some snacks for the flight in case I don’t like the food.


What are your essentials on a long flight? Would you add things to this list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  • Love this list! I agree with all of these, but would add something to read. I read a lot, so I tend to always have my e-reader/iPad with me, lol. Btw, I love your graphics for each of the items…so cute!!

  • The first thing I do when I get to the airport is buy a bottle of water! I can’t travel without it. Another must have for me is Thieves essential oil!

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